Delivery Policy

  1. Goods will be delivered to the Customer by courier to the delivery address provided by the Customer within 4 business days (working days are understood as the time from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in Poland) counting from the date of posting in the AFY bank account payment of the prices and transport costs made by the customer. The day of posting referred to in the preceding sentence of this point means the day of crediting the AFY bank account with the amount paid by the Customer for the Goods and for the cost of sending the Goods.
  2. Business days referred to in the first sentence of point 1 above are counted from the next business day after the day of booking in the AFY bank account. Payments and costs of transport made by the Customer.
  3. Delivery of the Goods referred to in item 1 above means that the courier will deliver the Goods to the Customer at the delivery address provided by the Customer in the Store. AFY is not responsible for the inability to deliver the Goods to the Customer for reasons attributable to the Customer, e.g. due to the absence of the Customer at the address indicated as the delivery address.
  4. If the Customer, by his own fault, does not collect the Goods, he shall bear the costs of returning the Goods from the courier company's warehouse to the AFY warehouse in the amount equal to the costs of shipment of the Goods from the AFY warehouse to the Customer.
  5. The Customer receives a receipt together with the Goods.
  6. The Customer is obliged to check, at the time of delivery of the Goods in the presence of the courier, the correctness of delivery in terms of the number of Goods and possible visible physical defects of the Goods or their packaging (bottles). Possible quantitative and qualitative defects of the Goods referred to in the preceding sentence of this point should be reported in the report refusing to accept the shipment by the Customer. The customer is not obliged to accept delivery of defective Goods. The content of the previous sentences of this point does not apply to hidden defects of the Goods.

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